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Mossyrock, WA


My boyhood life as the son of a military man taught me to travel and enjoy the scenery. As a teen a lot of my time was spent exploring the woods and forest of western Washington. Then followed several years of traveling the highways of the Pacific Northwest as a sales representative rushing from one town to the next to make that appointment.
There came a time when the travel ended and my work kept me tied to one location. being restless I took a long weekend road trip and upon returning mentioned to a friend that it would have been nice to have had a camera so I could share the scenery I had enjoyed. A few days later this friend (a photographer) presented me with a 35mm point and shoot camera and said " Go take some pictures for me.". I did just hat and from then on I am addicted to the art of photography.
Hundreds of rolls of film lots of studying and educational seminars etc. Here I am today enjoying traveling the roads of the Pacific Northwest (many not paved) not with a sales kit but with a bag full of camera gear.
I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it. If you have questions, comments or constructive criticism feel free to contact me. Purchases are greatly appreciated as they pay the cost of my efforts.

Ansel Price

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